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Conspiring For The Future | Meienlong Sold 10 Million Masks In Three Hours!

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Su Yuchao came to rest, the empty mountains were clear in autumn.

On September 9, 2020, Tegel Group Health Industrial Park welcomed Xie Xiaolin, Chairman of Shaanxi Panlong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and his party.

This observation is mainly for an in-depth inspection visit to Tegel Health Industrial Park and Meenlong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., to learn about Meenlong medical mask related production work projects. The chairman of Tegel Alliance, Tegel Group Co., Ltd. The chairman of the company Liu Fengsheng led the group's nine leading cadres to receive.

Liu Fengsheng, Chairman of Tegel Alliance and Chairman of Tegel Group Co., Ltd., introduced Tegel Health Industrial Park to Xie Xiaolin, Chairman of Shaanxi Panlong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

The Tegel Health Industrial Park project is located in the Longping High-tech Park and is invested and constructed by Tegel Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is 1.05 billion yuan, covering an area of 43.2 acres and a total construction area of 76,295 square meters.

The project officially started construction in September 2015, and began to be delivered in September 2017. The entire project is composed of "Tegel Pharmaceuticals, Tegel Logistics, Tegel Alliance, Tegel Medical, Tegel Education, Special "Geer Headquarters" consists of six sections.

Mr. Xie Xiaolin and his entourage arrived inside Tegel Healthy Life Hall and listened to the "Healthy China" planning report.

At the beginning of three o’clock in the afternoon, Chairman Xie Xiaolin and his party arrived at Tegel Health Industrial Park. Liu Fengsheng, Chairman of Tegel Alliance and Chairman of Tegel Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., led the senior management cadres of the Nine Departments of the Group to Chairman Xie Xiaolin and his group. Received a warm reception.

Mr. Liu Fengsheng led the delegation to the Tegel Healthy Life Museum to observe and observe. Mr. Liu Fengsheng personally introduced the various functional areas of the Life Hall and Tegel’s characteristic health solutions.

Mr. Xie Xiaolin and his party enter the mask production workshop of Meienlong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. to observe

Subsequently, Mr. Fengsheng Liu accompanied the delegation and the delegation to visit Meenlong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and introduced the general situation of Tegel's pharmaceutical sector (disposable medical mask production line) to the delegation.

Mr. Xie Xiaolin inspected every production process and inquired carefully about the current production capacity of the mask factory. In the full-process mask physical and chemical laboratory of Meenlong, the staff showed Mr. Xie Xiaolin the specific development of each testing process.

Looking at the detailed data on the test form that exceeded the standard line, Mr. Xie Xiaolin highly recognized the Meienlong standard and strict quality management system, and said that the quality of the Meienlong masks is guaranteed by professionals and technical standards!

Mr. Xie Xiaolin was very interested in the detection process of the bacterial filtration rate of masks, and took off the mask he was wearing for experiments.

A work seminar was held after the observation activity. At the meeting, Mr. Xie Xiaolin believed that Tegel’s development model has a high realm and a large structure, relying on the strength of many member units of the alliance to carry out industrial layout and open up the online and offline boundaries. He spoke highly of this and spoke highly of Tegel Group , Tegel Union’s development model and future planning have placed great expectations and confidence.

Xie Xiaolin, Chairman of Shaanxi Panlong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., highly recognizes Tegel's development model and the current development status of Meenlong

Although the observation activity was only three hours long, Mr. Xie Xiaolin saw the technical advantages of Tegel and Meenlong in strict control of product quality and full-process inspection during this observation. Out of recognition and trust in the quality of Meenlong brand mask products, on the second day after the observation, Mr. Xie Xiaolin decided to finalize cooperation with Meenlong Medical Devices Co., Ltd. and signed a large order for 10 million medical surgical masks.

This cooperation not only deepens the long-term strategic partnership between the two parties, but also facilitates the complementary advantages of both parties, integrates resources, forms a joint force, deepens the all-round strategic partnership, and makes new and greater contributions to the fight against the epidemic and the development of the industry.

Chairman Liu Fengsheng signed an order for 10 million medical surgical masks with Shaanxi Panlong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. on behalf of Meienlong Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

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