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The Propaganda Department Visited Tegel Health Industrial Park For Inspection

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Under the leaves of Tinggao, the autumn clouds fly over Longshou. At the end of September, which is full of autumn, Tegel Health Industrial Park ushered in a party led by the Standing Committee of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and the Minister of the Propaganda Department. This event was mainly due to the leadership and safety inspection of Tegel Health Industrial Park by Chen Gang, member of the Standing Committee of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department. The chairman of Tegel Alliance, the chairman of Tegel Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., and Meien Liu Fengsheng, chairman of Long Medical Devices Co., Ltd., led the group's nine high-level management cadres to give a warm reception.

The Tegel Health Industrial Park is invested and constructed by Tegel Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is 1.05 billion yuan, covering an area of 43.2 acres and a total construction area of 76,295 square meters. The construction of the project officially started in September 2015. It began to be delivered in September, and the entire project consists of six sections: "Tegel Pharmaceutical, Tegel Logistics, Tegel Alliance, Tegel Medical, Tegel Education, and Tegel Headquarters".

At the beginning of the observation, Chairman Liu Fengsheng accompanied the leadership team to the east gate of the industrial park and introduced to the leadership team the origin of the establishment of Meenlong and the development history of Tegel China Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance. The strategic layout of the "15-minute healthy living circle" is highly recognized.

Meienlong is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry, commerce and trade under Tegel Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is a professional medical wearable equipment, medical protective equipment, and intelligent monitoring system. Manufacturer.

Since its establishment, Meenlong has cooperated with international authoritative medical equipment research and development institutions and relied on Tegel Health Research Institute to develop and produce protective equipment such as medical goggles, medical masks, and medical protective clothing. Among them, Meenlong brand medical masks (medical Protective masks, medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks, children's medical masks, etc.) have achieved a daily production of over 10 million, making important contributions to the global fight against the new crown pneumonia virus (COVID-19). At the same time, medical wearable devices and intelligent monitoring systems with independent intellectual property rights independently developed by Meenlong will rewrite the human medical experience with more efficient, safer and more convenient services.

Chairman Liu Fengsheng stated that Meienlong will always adhere to the business tenet of "all for the health of the people", and is committed to continuous investment in scientific research, first-class production environment, advanced facilities and equipment, excellent production technology and strict quality management system. Yu has built Meenlong into an excellent manufacturer of medical wearable equipment, medical protective equipment and intelligent monitoring systems in China to help people live longer, healthier and more pleasant lives.

Later, Chairman Liu Fengsheng and the leadership team came to the Tegel South Logistics Distribution Center in Building 2. The leaders observed the three-dimensional shelf area on the second floor and watched the on-site operation of the demolition robot with great interest.

According to the staff of the industrial park, the three-dimensional shelf area as high as the fourth floor is a major feature of the Tegel South Logistics Distribution Center. The total height is 21m. It is equipped with five aisle stackers, two destacking robots, and has 6720 cargo positions. , Can meet the storage of 8064 cubic meters of goods.

Subsequently, Chairman Liu Fengsheng and the leadership team came to the safe passage of the logistics distribution center to inspect the fire safety work. Since the establishment of the Tegel Health Industrial Park, Tegel has always kept in mind the responsibilities and obligations of the enterprise, has always adhered to the principle of "preventing trouble, safety first", insisting on legal, civilized, standardized and orderly experience and production, and conducting fire safety self-examination Self-correction action, eliminate all hidden dangers of insecurity, determined to fundamentally eliminate fire safety problems.

Due to time constraints, the leadership team failed to observe the inside of Meenlong Medical Devices Co., Ltd., but the leadership team fully affirmed the development and future planning of Meenlong and Tegel, and expressed their opinions on Tegel’s corporate model. highly recognition. The leaders hope that in the future, Mei Enlong will continue to contribute to the national health cause, continue to support the people and alliance members, fight the epidemic and protect the health of the people, and become a benchmark in the industry! A more exciting Tegel is changing, let us create a brilliant future in the same period.

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