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The First Tug-Of-War Competition Of Meienlong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was held!

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In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the majority of employees, fully demonstrate the spirit of Tegel Group employees' love of the enterprise, love of life, and positive spirits, enhance corporate cohesion, and create a harmonious and friendly corporate culture atmosphere. At the end of September, at the Tegel Health Industrial Park , Meienlong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, and the Modern Logistics Department organized the first tug-of-war competition with the theme of "Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration and National Day Celebration".

Aerial view of Tegel Health Industrial Park

The Tegel Health Industrial Park is invested and constructed by Tegel Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is 1.05 billion yuan, covering an area of 43.2 acres and a total construction area of 76,295 square meters. The construction of the project officially started in September 2015. It began to be delivered in September, and the entire project consists of six sections: "Tegel Pharmaceutical, Tegel Logistics, Tegel Alliance, Tegel Medical, Tegel Education, and Tegel Headquarters".

Real view of Meienlong mask production line

Established on May 1, 2020, Meienlong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise under Tegel Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., integrating science, industry, commerce, and trade with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. A manufacturer specializing in medical wearable equipment, medical protective equipment, and medical disinfection products. Since its establishment, Meenlong has cooperated with international authoritative medical device research and development institutions and relied on Tegel Health Research Institute to develop and produce protective products such as medical goggles, medical masks, and medical protective clothing. Among them, Meenlong brand medical masks (medical Protective masks, medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks, children's medical masks, etc.) have achieved a daily production of over 10 million, making outstanding contributions to the global fight against the new crown pneumonia virus (COVID-19). At the same time, medical wearable devices and intelligent monitoring systems with independent intellectual property rights independently developed by Meinlong will rewrite the human medical experience with more efficient, safer and more convenient services.

This tug-of-war competition is divided into men's and women's groups, each with four teams, and the championship, second and third place will be determined according to the round-robin points system. In order to win the first place, each team sent a strong lineup, athletes geared up, cheerleaders sang and laughed, and the atmosphere was very warm.

When the whistle of the game sounded, the participating team members clenched the long rope and pulled back with all their energy. The uncompeting employees on the side screamed for them spontaneously. The chants and shouts came and went, and the rainy weather seemed to have Bright sun

During the game, the players on the field fought hard. The battle was fierce, tense and cruel: some players fell, the soles of their shoes were worn out, their hands were soaked out of water, their muscles and bones were strained... but they were all Gritting his teeth and persisting until the end of the game. They are not afraid of strong hands, work together, tenaciously fighting, and the spirit of striving for the first place. They have infected everyone present. They watched with enthusiasm and emotions. The shouts and applause lasted forever. Every shout is an inspiration, every time Applause is an inspiration, pushing the atmosphere of the event to a climax.

After fierce competition, the top three of the competition were decided. The group leaders personally presented them with awards and gifts. Whether it is the champion, the runner-up or the employees who failed to win the prize, they are all winners. Everyone is involved in the event wholeheartedly and strives for collective honor. The spirit of hard work is worthy of us. Studying, the smiles on their faces are extremely bright.

Director of Tegel Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Senior Quality Manager of Tegel Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Senior Modern Logistics Director, Senior General Manager of Tegel Health Industrial Park Engineering Project Department, Tegel Group Hunan Tegel Health Mr. Deng Guohua, the quality director of Life Museum Co., Ltd. and the quality director of Hunan Zhilin Pharmacy Retail Chain Co., Ltd. of Tegel Group, presented awards to the men's runner-up Meienlong 1 team and the women's runner-up logistics team 2 respectively.

Through this tug-of-war competition, Tegel’s family greatly enhanced team cohesion, demonstrated the style of collective struggle and a good mental outlook, especially at the moment when the outcome was difficult to distinguish, the participating teams were united and unrelenting. , Gritting the teeth and persevering to the end, vividly interpret the meaning of the team and the value of struggle. Let us cheer for all the participating team members and ourselves, put into the work with fuller enthusiasm, higher morale, and more pragmatic style, and make unremitting efforts for Tegel's bright future and create a brilliant future together!

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