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Mo Minghua

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Mo Minghua    chief physician / Professor of Pediatrics

Director of Pediatrics, chief physician and Professor, Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Academy of traditional Chinese medicine. Engaged in pediatric clinical work for more than 20 years, devoted to the research of children cough, asthma, high fever, enuresis, recurrent respiratory tract infection, allergic cough, infantile anorexia. He is good at treating children's respiratory, digestive, urinary system diseases and other difficult and serious diseases with significant clinical curative effect. Traditional Chinese medicine has good curative effect on children cough, diarrhea, anorexia, sweating, recurrent cold and some difficult and miscellaneous diseases. He is now the vice chairman of the science branch of Hunan Association of traditional Chinese medicine, and has published more than 10 academic papers in journals above the provincial level.

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